Stop the Assyrian Genocide Before it’s Too Late!

Christen-auf-der-Flucht-300x203 (1)resizecrying assyrians

 Thank you for your support.

You can donate via our square button at the below link:


You can also send checks via electronic method using your bill pay to United Assyrian Appeal.  This is the preferred method for UAA given it does not charge you and us any additional fees.  Go to your bill pay and send the electronic check to United Assyrian Appeal. 

The United Assyrian Appeal provides aid to the Assyrian military families of soldiers who are fighting against ISIS, struggling to save themselves from the eradication of their people, their religion, their culture and history. We cannot sit by and watch as women and children are kidnapped and victimized, churches are vandalized and blown up, and while ancient artifacts and monuments are systematically destroyed. Won’t you please help?




Thank You Bill McIntosh of OCASOMEDIA!

Thank you Audrey Russo of REELTalk Radio!



We insist that what has been inflicted on our people in Mosul is a war crime. Forced displacement on the basis of religious belief, be it Islam or Christianity, is a crime against humanity

Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II

Lt. Col. Sangari (Ret.) speaks about the Assyrian Genocide on BILL MARTINEZ LIVE

Why the Double Standard?

America supports the Peshmerga, the Sunnis and the Yezidi, but NOT the Assyrian Christians of Nineveh?

  • Why The Christians in Iraq must survive-Prophecies in the Bible concerning Israel, Egypt & Assyria remain to be fulfilled-hence ISIS is hell bent on exterminating Assyrian Christians to attempt to disprove the Bible and rally more to join ISIS
  • Why The Peshmerga are not their saviors
  • Why waiting for the UN to step in invites annihilation for the Assyrian Christians
  • Why Assyrian Self-Governance is the answer under a military command friendly to the West
  • Why supporting this cause will go far and help maintain the legacy purchased through so much American sacrifice in Iraq
  • What awaits Europe, America, and the rest of the civilized nations if we fail to destroy ISIS now in the Nineveh Plains.

Lt. Col. Sangari (Ret.) speaks on BILL MARTINEZ LIVE

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  1. My name is Isaac. My friend and I are US Army Veterans fought during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I’ve been researching online on how to join the fight against ISIS in the Middle East. We have deployed to Iraq. We know the risk of joining and fighting ISIS. We want to help and we are willing do whatever it takes for me to do so. And we want to provide our services and our military experience. And we are ready to take the risk of fighting in war yet again. If you could please have someone from The Dwekh Nawsh contact me on how to enlist, we would appreciate it. We are not looking to be paid or fame. We want to volunteer our services.


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