UAA Tax Records

United Assyrian Appeal was founded in 2015 and transitioned to being recognized by the IRS as a not-for-profit 501(C)(3) charitable organization in 2016.  UAA provides aid to Christian families of soldiers who were battling ISIS and fighting to keep the root of Christianity alive in Iraq and Syria.  As ISIS is defeated on the battlefield in 2018, UAA will continue to support the military families in their effort to support the displaced families of Assyrian Christians in Iraq and Syria.

One of the many International non-governmental organizations we team up with in the region is the ETANA Woman’s Organization.  ETANA supports impoverished women and children in northern Iraq.

In 2016 UAA Net Donations received/collected were $206,000.  96.7% of the total donations were distributed either directly to the beneficiaries or part of the expenses related to the execution of the program that distributed the benefits.  $153,000 plus, 74.4% of the total dollars were distributed in form of direct grants to the families.  UAA is proud to announce that in its first year as a charitable organization we are well on our way as being recognized among top donors of direct grants to the beneficiaries.

UAA tax’s for 2016 were filed on 15 NOV 17 with the State of Illinois. We have made them available for viewing for the public in the below link This is our gift to the people who have supported us and helped us through the years.

2016 United Assyrian Appeal Form 990

2016 United Assyrian Appeal Form 1023

2016 United Assyrian Appeal Financial Statements