NEC-SE recently established the United Assyrian Appeal,, which provides aid to the Christian Assyrian military families in Iraq and Syria in their struggle against ISIL. Its creation comes after six months of diligent effort to understand and fulfill the regulatory requirements mandated by the federal government before an organization like the United Assyrian Appeal can get up and running.

There are multiple groups that try to raise money to support various causes and organizations in the region. Unfortunately, there are also many organizations which have been created to prey on people’s emotions who are moved by the suffering which the Christian Assyrians are going through in the Middle East.  Some of these organizations are even created by bad actors that are only interested in taking money from caring and dedicated people for their personal use.  These organizations are tracked and monitored.

NEC-SE encourages donations to legitimate organizations such as the United Assyrian Appeal and other legitimate Assyrian organizations, which provide support down range.  It should be noted that most, however, do not meet the requirements to support the Assyrian military families in the region but can provide support for or through NGOs to support displaced peoples and refugees.  But we urge prospective donors to make sure that the organization they want to support is legitimate and not a scam formed to line the pockets of its creators. Although this process of performing what lawyers call “due diligence” may slow the flow of financial support for the Assyrian people, we feel that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Donors need to remember that it is the sense of Congress that a substantial amount of funds are made available to carry out 22 U.S.C. Sec. 2347.  No organization, including our United Assyrian Appeal organization, has the right to use funding in violation of this law.

With that in mind, we want readers to know that the U.S. Army’s Special Operational Command is “committed to disrupting financial transactions of all transnational threats as they are, whenever they present themselves,” says Army Col. Joshua Potter, the director of SOCOM’s J-36, otherwise known as the Transnational Threats Division.

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  1. In our LORD Jesus’ name, I pray perseverance and strength for the Christian soldiers of United Assyrian, for it is written, “Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 ~

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  2. Just heard about this organization on Michael Savage’s radio program and could not wait to contribute. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless and help you according to his will!


  3. Our President covered the Crucifix in black cloth and gave a speech under it at a Catholic institution in order to be more ” inclusive”. Yet never covers the crescent and star to be more inclusive when addressing a muslim group. That very specifically staged event was actually a signal to our enemies that he is on their side.

    The democrat party voted God out of their party’s platform live on national TV at the democrat national convention during Obama’s re-election campaign. So surprised was the emcee calling the vote, that he called for the vote a second time. Again the enemies of Christians, Jews and America shouted “No” to God live on TV. The American media said “Hush hush nothing to see here. That’s just democrats being more inclusive”.

    Christians are beheaded, shot, raped, burned, persecuted and displaced. Every time this occurs President Obama lectures Christians about tolerance, warns against backlash against Muslums, lectures American Christians about the crusades , calls for disarming the American patriot, and only talks tough to and about the American patriot.

    Is Obama bringing in the persecuted Christian refugees from Syria? No. He brings us the persecutors so it will assuredly happen here as well.
    It’s Treason.

    We see it. More see it clearly every day with each new attack on Christians, Jews, and all non-Muslims at home and abroad.
    Most Anericans are not blind, and more will see clearly if all who already see this for what it is say in one voice “No More!”.

    Maybe the resistance starts here. Help decendants of the very first Christians survive, intact, their children un-molested by our common enemies.

    San Bernadino, Ft. Hood, Boston, et al. We’ve only seen a tiny portion of our enemy’s depravity. In this instance we can bypass our Traitor in Chief and help our fellow Christians avoid extermination. Obama obviously will not. He seems to be just fine with it.
    God bless you and Merry Christmas.

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  4. I thank God that a way to help these christian bros. and sisters has been provided. I heard Micheal Savage’s interview with Commander Emmanuel Kashada and was blessed by his faith, strength and humility. I will gladly donate to God’s cause and will spread the word.


  5. After hearing Dr. Savage’s interview with the Commander, I immediately pledged a monthly donation. I hope and pray my money is properly distributed to help these families and the brave men and women who are facing the death cult of ISIS on a daily basis.


  6. I would like to know, if the pope in rome has said anything regarding this. Is he standing up for the ones being persecuted?
    God protect these innocents.. Amen.


  7. I heard Norm Nelson interview Sargis Sangri on Compassion Radio (podcast of 3/22 & 3/23 .) Mr. Sangri made a lot of sense and helped clarify the totally confusing dynamics of the Sunni, Shia, and Kurd militants and the resulting rise of ISIS and persecution of our indigenous Christian brothers and sisters in Syria. As an American Christian, I am moved to pray for and financially aide my Assyrian brethren while at the same time convicted by my government’s inept (at best) involvement in the region. As a Democracy, America will be judged for the leaders we have elected – and rightly so – and the present administration has squandered the opportunity to make a positive difference worldwide, but individual Christians still can.


  8. James, you saved a life today. I posted the below on my personal FB this morning. The Commander will be sending you personal note tomorrow morning. Please see my note to our family and friends. Today our Assyrian Army military families woke up to a wonderful Easter Gift. Mr. James Heard, and American patriot, has contributed $2,000 to the in support of the Assyrian Military Families. This is the largest single donation by anyone to support our Assyrian Military Family needs.
    The reason it is a wonderful surprise in this Easter Holy Week is because it comes as a life savor to support the family of a young Assyrian fighter who has been serving with our Assyrian Army forces since 11 AUG 14. His young wife has Multiple Sclerosis and given the Assyrian Army Soldiers are not on the Muslim Sunni Kurd or Shia payrolls he had to fight for the past three months knowing that he might not receive his monthly payment given our current budgetary constraints.
    Since our funding to support the Assyrian military families is solely based on the fundraising from this young man served with the Assyrian Army for three months without his family receiving the support required to meet the additional medical financial needs. Since the Kurdish Regional Government created new budgetary rules, which are targeted, to financially limit our ability to support the Assyrian military families this contribution helps alleviate these additional constraints.
    The Sunni Muslim Kurds created these new requirements so that they can financially destroy the Assyrian Army and replace our Assyrian independent force by Assyrians who are paid to serve the needs of the Muslim Sunni Kurds.
    As the founder of the I can tell our Facebook friends that we have sustained our families only because of the support from the American patriots like James and through international community support.
    A small group of Assyrians have supported us through donations so far but Mr. James Heard’s support is the single largest donation to our efforts to sustain the Assyrian military families in Iraq and Syria. We want to thank Americans like Mr. James Heard who will allow our young fighter to use a portion of the donation for this month’s medical treatment for his wife as they try to celebrate at least one more Easter together as a free and independent Assyrian Military family.


  9. LTC Sangari, thank you for your note. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will bless you and your ministry as you advocate on behalf of our Assyrian brothers and sisters in Christ . American Christians can make a difference even when our feckless president and sec of state, and congress (with few exceptions) ignorantly or knowingly get it wrong. I have been praying for persecuted indigenous Christians in the Middle East and hearing your interview helps me to sharpen the focus of my prayers as well as explain their plight and solicit the support (prayers and financial) of other committed Bible-believing Christians. Easter Blessings to you and to our Assyrian brothers and sisters in Christ.


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