Stop the Assyrian Genocide Before it’s Too Late!

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The United Assyrian Appeal provides aid to the Assyrian military families of soldiers who are fighting against ISIS and other forces of evil, struggling to save themselves from the eradication of their people, their religion, their culture and history. We cannot sit by and watch as women and children are kidnapped and victimized, churches are vandalized and blown up, while ancient artifacts and monuments are systematically destroyed while the rights of the indigenous peoples of the Middle East are oppressed and the ideology of hate promoted to destroy them. Won’t you please help?

As ISIS is defeated on the battlefield in 2018, UAA will continue to support the military families in their effort to support the displaced families of Assyrian Christians in Iraq and Syria.

The United Assyrian Appeal is recognized by the IRS as a not for profit 501(C)(3) charitable organization. Your donation to the United Assyrian Appeal is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Psychological Impact 

Special thanks to Helma Adde and Jordan Allott for allowing us to post a portion of their film
Our Last Stand,” showing the physical, emotional, and spiritual toll on the children of Assyria.

UAA Humanitarian Assistance Distribution in Iraq


Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Former Deputy Assistant to the 45th President of the United States


Michael Rubin, PH D

Resident Scholar-American Enterprise Institute:  Señor lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Civil Military Relations; Señor Editor of the Middle East Quarterly


Governor John Sununu

White House Chief of Staff under President George Bush


Savage Nation UAA Christmas Appeal

UAA Teleton




Thank You Bill McIntosh of OCASOMEDIA!

Thank you Audrey Russo of REELTalk Radio!

We insist that what has been inflicted on our people in Mosul is a war crime. Forced displacement on the basis of religious belief, be it Islam or Christianity, is a crime against humanity

Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II

Lt. Col. Sangari (Ret.) speaks about the Assyrian Genocide on BILL MARTINEZ LIVE

Why the Double Standard?

America supports the Peshmerga, the Sunnis and the Yezidi, but NOT the Assyrian Christians of Nineveh?

  • Why The Christians in Iraq must survive-Prophecies in the Bible concerning Israel, Egypt & Assyria remain to be fulfilled-hence ISIS is hell bent on exterminating Assyrian Christians to attempt to disprove the Bible and rally more to join ISIS
  • Why The Peshmerga are not their saviors
  • Why waiting for the UN to step in invites annihilation for the Assyrian Christians
  • Why Assyrian Self-Governance is the answer under a military command friendly to the West
  • Why supporting this cause will go far and help maintain the legacy purchased through so much American sacrifice in Iraq
  • What awaits Europe, America, and the rest of the civilized nations if we fail to destroy ISIS now in the Nineveh Plains.

Lt. Col. Sangari (Ret.) speaks on BILL MARTINEZ LIVE

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  1. I am a former Italian Special Forces,i have been in Africa in the last 6 years working like contractor….now im seeing what the terrorist are doing to our brothers and sister so i wanna join your group to protect the Christians people,this is my email GOD BLESS YOU


  2. My name is Isaac. My friend and I are US Army Veterans fought during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I’ve been researching online on how to join the fight against ISIS in the Middle East. We have deployed to Iraq. We know the risk of joining and fighting ISIS. We want to help and we are willing do whatever it takes for me to do so. And we want to provide our services and our military experience. And we are ready to take the risk of fighting in war yet again. If you could please have someone from The Dwekh Nawsh contact me on how to enlist, we would appreciate it. We are not looking to be paid or fame. We want to volunteer our services.


  3. Hello. I am a retired soldier and I just arrived in Erbil to try to contact you on the ground. I sent my application, but did not reply. I have 20 years of experience. I was in Kosovo. I am trained in counter-terrorism control. I select the shooting title in the pistol and the rifle. Special vehicle driving course. Training protection of sensitive facilities, also convoys in hostile areas, VIP people. Until last month, I used to protect VIPs in a private company. I brought my resume. Also a certificate from my diocese about my involvement with the Catholic Church and its recommendation to be accepted as a military. I have never had any criminal prosecution. Neither military sanctions. I have two medals for bravery. I have come here for my media in a desperate attempt to contact you and join our common cause. I beseech you humbly. I am ready for all that you have entrusted to me.

    I think my commitment is clear when I was able to come here entrusting me to God alone.

    Waiting for your news, greetings.


    • Mark, UAA can not recruit anyone given it is against the U.S. Code and policies. We do need help with the Assyrian Army website which is structures similarly to the French foreign legion. I will have one of our technicals contact you via e-mail.


    • Chris thanks for your desire to serve but UAA can not recruit fighters for the Assyrian Army given it is a violation of U.S. Code for us to so. Anyone who wants to serve would also be required to receive a visa approval from Iraq.


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