Stop the Assyrian Genocide Before it’s Too Late!

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You can also send checks using your bank account’s on line bill pay feature to United Assyrian Appeal. This is the preferred method for UAA donations as we will not be charged a fee for processing your donation vs. fees for credit card transactions. Just use your bank’s on line bill pay feature to send a check to United Assyrian Appeal.

The United Assyrian Appeal provides aid to the Assyrian military families of soldiers who are fighting against ISIS and other forces of evil, struggling to save themselves from the eradication of their people, their religion, their culture and history. We cannot sit by and watch as women and children are kidnapped and victimized, churches are vandalized and blown up, while ancient artifacts and monuments are systematically destroyed while the rights of the indigenous peoples of the Middle East are oppressed and the ideology of hate promoted to destroy them. Won’t you please help?

As ISIS is defeated on the battlefield in 2018, UAA will continue to support the military families in their effort to support the displaced families of Assyrian Christians in Iraq and Syria.

The United Assyrian Appeal is recognized by the IRS as a not for profit 501(C)(3) charitable organization. Your donation to the United Assyrian Appeal is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Psychological Impact 

Special thanks to Helma Adde and Jordan Allott for allowing us to post a portion of their film
Our Last Stand,” showing the physical, emotional, and spiritual toll on the children of Assyria.

UAA Humanitarian Assistance Distribution in Iraq


Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Former Deputy Assistant to the 45th President of the United States


Michael Rubin, PH D

Resident Scholar-American Enterprise Institute:  Señor lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Civil Military Relations; Señor Editor of the Middle East Quarterly


Governor John Sununu

White House Chief of Staff under President George Bush


Savage Nation UAA Christmas Appeal

UAA Teleton




Thank You Bill McIntosh of OCASOMEDIA!

Thank you Audrey Russo of REELTalk Radio!

We insist that what has been inflicted on our people in Mosul is a war crime. Forced displacement on the basis of religious belief, be it Islam or Christianity, is a crime against humanity

Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II

Lt. Col. Sangari (Ret.) speaks about the Assyrian Genocide on BILL MARTINEZ LIVE

Why the Double Standard?

America supports the Peshmerga, the Sunnis and the Yezidi, but NOT the Assyrian Christians of Nineveh?

  • Why The Christians in Iraq must survive-Prophecies in the Bible concerning Israel, Egypt & Assyria remain to be fulfilled-hence ISIS is hell bent on exterminating Assyrian Christians to attempt to disprove the Bible and rally more to join ISIS
  • Why The Peshmerga are not their saviors
  • Why waiting for the UN to step in invites annihilation for the Assyrian Christians
  • Why Assyrian Self-Governance is the answer under a military command friendly to the West
  • Why supporting this cause will go far and help maintain the legacy purchased through so much American sacrifice in Iraq
  • What awaits Europe, America, and the rest of the civilized nations if we fail to destroy ISIS now in the Nineveh Plains.

Lt. Col. Sangari (Ret.) speaks on BILL MARTINEZ LIVE

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  1. They claim to have a god, and Mohammad, but they are godless. They put themselves above god. They have become gods, like the rulers of Egypt, Rome, and the England before them.


    • Bonnie for tracking purposes if your going to mail in a donation we rather have a check and no cash given legal and accounting purposes. Checks would have to be made out to the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement given the UAA account is tracked by the NEC-SE. The address to mail a check to is 8650 Laramie AVE Skokie IL 60077. Certified checks are preferred for security reasons. Thank you for your consideration and support.

      very respectfully,
      LTC Sangari


  2. Are you taking Christian volunteers? Former soldiers in the U.S. Army? Individuals skilled in the training of soldiers and all aspects of asymmetric warfare and tactics?


  3. I’m just totally disgusted that our government does nothing to help Christians in Syria and Iraq. It makes me ashamed to be an American. A real disgrace!


  4. I am willing and ready to fight for my God along side fellow believers. I will not donate money or goods but something better and it may be a long shot but I am offering extra hands in your fight.


  5. Just heard you on Michael savage tonight. My heart is breaking for you. Please send me more info how I can help. Give me address I’m not good on hi tech stuff. I want to donate by mail and postal check is that possible. Please reply . I want to help in my own small way. May the protection of the LIVING CHRIST surround you all beautiful souls. Please reply. LOVE to you all .Strength to you you and courage. I send my humble love to you. God help you all.xo


  6. Just heard about this on Savage Nation. Will be making a small donation.

    Mr. Savage said he would put the info onto his social media sites—but I could not find anything there. Maybe his IT people need to wake up.
    Maybe I need glasses.
    Good cause—hope every one will consider a small donation.


  7. I have no idea why i feel so strongly about supporting people half way around the world whom I have never known and whom will probably never meet. But I do and I donated as much as i could for today. There will be more. May God Bless you all and Pray that Michael watches over you as well.


  8. May God Bless you all in your struggles with the evils you face.
    Do not believe not for a minute that Obama speaks for true americans, we are a christian nation under a different kind of attack.
    I will leave a donation for you, to do as you see fit, and will return to give more.
    May God Bless you, stay strong and know you are in our hearts


  9. Michael,
    So good of you to make it possible to help the Assyrian Christians. I am sending a cashier’s check because I could not get the payment with a credit card to work.
    Would you continue to update your audience on their status?

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I too answered your call for help after hearing you on Dr. Michael Savage’s show. I am ashamed of my country’s lack of response to the terrible genocide that is happening right before our eyes. I pray that this donation will be of some value to help protect the families that are being persecuted because they are Christian. I cannot believe the citizens of this country are outraged by this holocaust. It has become very clear to me that this Administration is playing for the other side. There is no other sane reason for this situation to be ignored. God Bless you all in your fearless fight against these insane monsters.


  11. I talked my children into forgoing a few Christmas gifts to instead send the money to these great people fighting against the barbarians that call themselves Islamic State. Our country would gladly support your cause but the traitor in the White House has other goals. It disgusts me to have to see good people plead for help when the most powerful people in the world with the power to help sit idle and fund the other side. God Bless you all! I will donate more when I can. God Speed!


    • Carrie it all depends on your skill sets and how much time you have to support. Our hope is that the UAA is replaced by a coherent policy that supports the Assyrian Military families in the region. Let me know what you would like to do and thank you for your support.


      • I am an ex serviceman from the British army and need info, help and instructions. My skill set is varied and extremely helpful in this case. And my time is yours.
        To stand up for the defenceless and innocent is my ultimate goal. Please reply as soon as possible.
        I eagerly await your reply.


  12. Hello. I am a former Canadian infantry soldier with combat experience. I have a great respect for your struggle against the godless animals that are trying to destroy your culture. I wish to join the fight against isis with you. Please let me know how I can fight beside you as your brother in arms. Thankyou. Please contact me by phone or email.
    Mark steele 902 304 1796


  13. Hello. My name Forrest. I am an American citizen with no military experience but very sufficiente in fire arms. I am currently overseas and I would like to join your ranks in Iraq. I am prepared to self fund.


  14. Hello,my name is Cory. I am a U.S. citizen that is truly touch with your cause. I am a former active duty Marine Corp Infantryman and I would like to join your organization to help in providing security and front line defense and recon tactics. Please contact me with further steps I can make.


  15. Cory thank you for your service to the nation! The UAA supports the Assyrian Military Families through financial contributions. NEC-SE gives guidance along the security lines of effort to the Assyrian Army. Individuals from many nations have contacted the Assyrian Army (Dwekh Nawsha) on their own and have join the forces in the past. However, NEC-SE/UAA does not recruit for the force given we are not authorized by U.S. Code to do so. With that said, it is very dangerous in the area of northern Iraq given the upcoming Mosul fight. Their are Assyrian and Yazidi humanitarian organizations in Iraq that can use your support if interested. Also NEC-SE is working to put a panel of former military guys together that can discuss the various issues and topics of Iraq lessons learned with media sources. If you want to help discuss your experiences through media let us know. Please contact our media section at NEC-SE to discuss the media opportunities.


  16. Former British army here, civilian life has nothing for me. Interested in joining your noble cause. Please contact me with more information valentinoscaramanga@hotmail


  17. I am former us navy corpsman fmf seven tours oif oef and former ypg . I am trained in combat emergency med. And have many contacts arounf northern iraq including humanitarian UN office for supplies, i am moving back to erbil and would like to join your ranks.
    Tom lee D.
    Please respond by may second 2016


    • Tom thank you for your service to the nation. Almost everyone who has served in the YPG has left the YPG to serve with the Assyrian Army (Dwekh Nawsha). . The UAA supports the Assyrian Military Families through financial contributions. NEC-SE gives guidance along the security lines of efforts to the Assyrian Army. Individuals from many nations have contacted the Assyrian Army (Dwekh Nawsha) on their own to join the force in the past. Currently, there are 100’s of soldiers with special skills from 15 nations who have requested to serve in the Assyrian Christian Army. However, NEC-SE/UAA does not recruit for the force given we are not authorized by U.S. Code to do so. Emanuel K. Youkhana is the commander for the Assyrian Christian force in Iraq and is the only person who can answer your questions and request. We want you to be safe and understand that northern Iraq will become very violent when the Turkish forces reintroduce their conventional forces in the region to fight against Kurdish separatists operations and Russian and Iranian growing influence in the region.


  18. After seeing the failure of the United States and the western nations of this world to stop the genocide, I’ve had enough.
    God is calling me to go fight for and protect his people.
    How can I volunteer to join this fight ?


  19. I am a veteran often us army. I was infantry for 6yrs. I am about to join up with the lions of rojava but I am a Christian and would love to join dwekh nawsha. What do I need to do?


  20. Hello. I am interested in volunteering. I have prior military experience as a contractor during operation iraqi freedom 2006-2007 as a Convoy Commander. I can self fund. I have questions about getting in country to you. Feel free to email me anytime
    Mr S


  21. For those wanting to serve over in Iraq the peshnerga puk dkp no longer except western fighter s but as a former peshmerga volunteer and Ypg and us navy FMF corpsman I have formed a coalition of mixed experienced fighters who not only transport medical aide and assist in war torn areas but also when needed support certain ally factions in there right against daesh aka Isis please contact me for further info at


  22. Bonjour,

    Je voudrais savoir comment partir combattre daech, les conditions pour arriver a partir 1 an si cela est réalisable, j’ai une expérience du maniement des armes et une réel motivation pour sauver nos générations futur de ce fléau…

    J’espère une réponse de votre part…

    Bien a vous



  23. If you would like to fight Isis , we are a newly created Christian nation enclaved in Brazil our geographic location is strategic to be out of Islamic range . We are the principality of St Benedict

    We will be recruit 10,000 men to send to fight against ISIS and help Christian in the region (midlle east )by the mid 2017 .

    Check the official website in a couple weeks

    Regards .


  24. Meu nome é Rômulo Lion. Tenho 24 anos e sou militar no Brasil! Eu Gostaria de lutar com vocês! Este é um ótimo ideal para se viver e morrer! I want to fight you! This is a true ideal to live!


  25. We are looking for veterans in another group same cause as a former YPG fighter and former corpsman I can tepl you nothing better then to help those in need. The process with our group you need o be patient but to contacy me it’s


  26. Guys i have only just found you, and found out there is a Christian group fighting IS.
    You need to be more engaged with social media and media in general to gain support, donations, and attract more fighters to your cause.
    May i suggest you need a social media person to translate your messages, and add comments to the amazing photos and videos you have been posting on places like Facebook.
    Unfortunately there are alot of Westerners that wont have heard about your cause because our governments are not accepting your fight legally, and so they have stopped the news from reporting about you, and it also makes it a criminal offence to come and fight with you.
    But that does not mean through knowing about you people cant give support in other ways.

    Good luck and thank you for what you are doing.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Je suis un ancien militaire français ayant servit 7 ans dans les chasseurs alpins et 4 ans dans le génie désirant combattre pour votre indepandance et la notre…..chacun peut vivre sans imposer ses convictions… liberté des uns s arrêté la ou commence celle des autres….


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