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1705, 2018

Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari (CEO NEC-SE) Speaks About the Iraqi Elections and Implications

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Excerpt: “Assyrian Christians in Iraq maintain hope that peace will indeed come to their own troubled region, where they must contend with the loss of all but one of their seats in the Iraqi Parliament to Shia politicians and Kurds aligned with political leadership of Iran and Turkey.”

1405, 2018

Ethnic Cleansing in Burma’s Arakan Region: The Chinese Move in and Force Ethnic Minorities Out

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Excerpts: “During a 17-23 JAN 18 visit to northern and southern Thailand, a portion of NEC-SE founder and CEO, LTC Sargis Sangari’s trip (regional strategic assessment) looked into the causes of a crisis that has, in the past year alone, seen over 65,000 people forced from their homes and at least 6,000 killed. NEC-SE found that the crisis was not attributable, as is often asserted, to discriminatory polices by the [...]

1405, 2018

Implications to Israeli Security as Iran Deal Decision Looms

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Excerpt: “If the POTUS leaves this deal and Europe stays, the Iranians will have succeeded in driving a wedge between the U.S. and Europe. This will strengthen the Iranian position and weaken the U.S. position overall in the Middle East. As a result the region will become steadily more volatile, leading to the outbreak of major conflict with Israel having to be the front line in all these conflicts within [...]

2001, 2018

Teetering in Tehran: Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United States

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Excerpt: "The protests come at an opportune time for the U.S., which must soon decide whether to recertify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, informally but commonly known as the “Iran nuclear deal.” The NEC-SE has contended since the deal was struck that it is actually an economic deal, and one that is quite advantageous Iran. The POTUS, a successful businessman, does share a similar view and will likely leverage [...]

501, 2018

The New Model of Power Relations and the Middle East Crisis: Part II

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Excerpts” While the clear identification of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and terrorist organizations as opponents of the U.S. is long overdue, the 2017 National Security Strategy still falls short, perhaps critically, in failing to identify the SCO as the unifying agent in binding these disparate groups into an informal but increasingly effective anti-American alliance.”

2511, 2017

The Political Crossroads Facing Saudi Arabia

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Excerpt:  “On 9 AUG 2015, NEC-SE also predicted that Saudi will either split out into three states or be part of the world community. “It is their choice!” “Today Saudi has reached a political crossroad, facing the choice we predicted for it just over two years ago. In recent weeks the political and religious reforms undertaken by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman signal that the regime is turning away from [...]

211, 2017

Kurdistan on the Road to Desolation

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Excerpts: “Unfortunate for the DOS, NEC-SE believes that a fight is coming between Nechirvan and Qubad and their respective factions, for the soul of the Kurdish peoples. Sadly, there can be no winners in this struggle. As Christ famously observed some 2,000 years ago, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” “The Kurds are about to prove [...]

2310, 2017

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Excerpt: “The KRG parliament will convene tomorrow 24 OCT 2017 to approve a PDK-backed proposal for delaying parliamentary elections for six months. KRG President Masoud Barzani, who heads the PDK Party, may attend the meeting. His opponents in the PUK Party are pushing for a two-year delay. The PUK, which Barzani and his followers are blaming for the loss of Kirkuk (with its oil fields and production facilities) to Government [...]

1910, 2017

The Kurdish House of Cards is Falling

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Excerpt:  “In Khanaqin district, fighting has already broken out between Kurdish groups. Yesterday, in Dohuk, Kurdish gunmen took to the streets firing rounds into the air and attacked Arab’s in the Avro City Complex near the family mall. Kurdish security forces subsequently restored quiet to the streets and have asked demonstrators to return to their homes. In Kirkuk, tensions are still high and it is possible that the Kurdish political [...]

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