18 SEP 16, 6-11 PDST, United Assyrian Appeal Telethon on Assyria TV and Western Free Press.

On 18 SEP 16 The Assyrian Community will participate in the belief and affirmation that all Assyrian are One People.  Despite differences in opinion, experience, geography, religious affiliation, and/or economic status our common heritage binds us and fortifies in our re-dedication to our common destiny.

We will be conducting a telethon in support of the Assyrian Military Families needs to honor, empower, and support them.  We hope that all our family and friends join us in this endeavor by tuning into our programing.  Please share our flyer with as many people as possible.

You can watch live on YouTube: https://youtu.be/o-7-g2XyfiM, or westernfreepress.com, or unitedassyrianappeal.org, or Assyria SAT, and listen live on KBES 89.5 FM.



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